Although off the beaten  track, the Western  circuit  offers  visitors  an incredible  glimpses  of Tanzania  at the its best ,Chimpanzee  trekking  is the wildlife  experience  of a lifetime. And those who return  from their  safari  wonder  at the upclose  experience. The often-neglected  shores of lake Victoria  are also a pleasant  retreat  from the safari circuit  and offer boating experience, fishing experience,  and hiking  excursions  for visitors  who are not content  to admire  the scenery. The Western  circuit  consists  of Gombe National park, Rubondo National park, saanane National Park ,Katavi National Park, and Mahale mountains  National Park 

Whichever  part of  Tanzania  you decide to explore  on your  trip to Tanzania, you will surely  gain a memorable  adventure  trip-one  that’ll haunt  your safari desires  for a long time. Whether  you opt for the remote  and exclusive  Southern  safari circuit  parks  for famous  unparalleled  sightings  in the exciting  primate  visit  parks to the Western  circuit  or the rejuvenating  tropical  gateway  the coastal  circuit, There is  no doubt  that you will fall in nature experience  immediately 

Besides  you can always  combine  them and have the African Adventure  of a lifetime experience.